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Just a regular guy, 18 years old. From Serbia. Using tumblr to express myself. *Trigger warning*. Ask me anything, If you need someone to talk to remember that i am always here, not promoting self harm, eating disorders or any mental illness
Anonymous said: Me too haha,thank for support i am begining to learn how to be strong :)

no problem, and that’s good, good luck :D

Anonymous said: Fine :),i know that isn't big think but i must say i didn't cut 1 month and im soo happy i'll try now 2 months,thanks for everything^^

nice, and it is a big thing, its a huge thing, and i’m proud of you ^^ i really hope you can make it 2 months :D

Anonymous said: How is you and your girlfriend?

both good :D ^^

Anonymous said: Heii :3 how are u?

hey, i’m good, hbu ?

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